It’s Called Capoeira, Where Dance and Music Meet Martial Art

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For some students at Capo Capoeira, the machines at the gym were too boring. For others, yoga wasn’t cardio enough. And for most, the idea of getting a great workout while moving in rhythm, playing music and learning a martial art seemed too good to be true. That is what the devotees of capoeira have been trying to tell people for years.

Capoeira is a centuries old martial art that combines Brazilian music and dance with self-defense. The ”combatants” don’t actually try to hurt or even touch each other. Although the advanced flips and kicks of capoeira demand training, agility and skills, anyone can practice it and “play” capoeira.

While students are encouraged to improve, the emphasis in class is not on fighting to win, or besting your opponent, or being the finest athlete. Rather, it’s on building and being part of a community, gaining confidence and becoming a better person — something the typical Spinning class  doesn’t offer.

The beauty of capoeira is that you don’t have to be in ultimate shape to enjoy it or benefit from it. Kicks, spins and flips are just part of what make up the animated, beautiful sport.  You don’t have to be young or flexible, and no, you don’t have to be coordinated. Nor do you have to be Brazilian, speak Portuguese or know how to stand on your head to do capoeira. It is a well-rounded workout that works the body through high-intensity interval training and resistance training, making it ideal for weight loss and keeping the body and heart in top shape. And of course, it is above everything else… fun and challenging.

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Capo Capoeira student, 34, describes being “bitten” by capoeira the first time she observed it about a year ago: “The music, the energy — it was very playful,” says the mother of three. “I started training almost every day, and I’ve lost 40 pounds. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. Everybody’s been so supportive, it’s made me want to keep coming. This is like my second home.”

Capo Capoeira offers classes to kids as young as 3 years of age, up to 12. Teens and adult classes are also offered daily and cover all levels.



Capoeira and Weight Loss

Why Capoeira May be the Key to your Weight Loss Success Story

Losing weight is not a walk in the park. The diets, the exercises, the lifestyle changes- it’s a long process. And it gets frustrating when the weighing scale doesn’t respond with some good news- especially after weeks of a weight loss program. Some programs work, others don’t, most are frustrating. There are those mornings when you have to force yourself to hit the gym. The early morning jogs aren’t enticing as they used to be. Some days the motivation to get onto the treadmill just isn’t there. And you have to admit- cutting back on your favorite snacks isn’t something you’re cheery about. It’s almost as if you have to suffer to lose weight. Isn’t there some exciting way to lose weight? Isn’t there a method to burn calories that you can actually look forward to? There are tonnes of them. If you take some time to explore your surroundings -and the internet of course- you’d realize just how many more natural and fun ways to weight there are. And one craze that’s got everyone talking is Capoeira.

Capoeira Explained

What is it? Is it martial arts? Is it a dance? Is it music meant to get your groove on? Is it just a bunch of people throwing their arms and legs about? You were told it’s a combat technique. But when you watched it for the first time, you were positive that’s a really good form of dance moves. It’s too interesting, fun and entertaining to be a form of self defense. The performers are graceful. Their bodies move so fluidly that it appears as a form of art, but not of the martial kind. Well, it’s all of them combined. That’s right- its martial arts, dance and music all rolled into one package. How’s that possible?

Capoeira History 101: Where did it come from?

Once upon a time there was slave trade. Thousands of Africans were being shipped to Brazil. They wanted to rebel. The law didn’t allow them to touch any guns. So they adapted. They needed a means where they could rely entirely on their bodies. And thus, deep in the heart of the Brazilian plantations, Capoeira was born.

Their training had the perfect disguise- a dance. While their masters thought they were entertaining them, the slaves were doing one of the toughest forms of martial arts ever invented- Capoeira. That was way back in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, Capoeira has evolved to cater for people from all ages and walks of life. However, the basic fundamentals remain the same.

Why Would You Want to Try Out Capoeira?

How will it benefit you? Isn’t it just like the other training programs out there? There’s no training program on the planet quite like Capoeira. And here are its benefits:

Your primary goal is to burn calories. So before anything else, it should be able to do that. Otherwise there’s no point in you continuing to read this. Capoeira doesn’t disappoint. When you’ were watching performers do it, you probably thought it’s easy. Wait till you get started. The forms and body movements are complicated, but very rewarding. It’s a whole body workout. Every muscle in your body will have to play a part. There are leg sweeps, lunges, head kicks and elbow movements all rolled into a rhythmic dance. That means you’ll burn a lot of calories. Exactly how many calories- that depends on your current weight. A 150 pounds person can burn through 600 – 700 calories an hour with Capoeira. You can even clock 800, but there’s no reason to push yourself too far, too fast. Take time to enjoy the body movements. The moment you begin with this fitness training routine, you would be guaranteed excellent and fast results. The different body movements are all very rigorous, but you’ll never hear anyone complaining about the routines. Why? Because it’s more than just shedding off fat and getting your waistline back.

Have you ever thought of being an acrobat? Well, Capoeira may not get you into a circus, but it’ll give you with the next best thing- it’ll enhance your flexibility and endurance. Flexibility is considered to be a major aspect of this martial arts dance. There are intense jumps, twists, handstands and kicks involved in the practice. In fact, many people who are studying this beautiful dance exclaim that they could never imagine themselves doing like performing acrobatic movements.

It’s not just about getting your body toned and into shape. You also learn one of the world’s best ways to defend yourself. Its founders used it to take on their colonial masters who had guns, while they themselves had naught but their arms and feet. It’s that good. And it works for both men and women.

The No. 1 reason why you’ll jump onto the Capoeira Bandwagon

You lose weight and get fit, but every weight loss program will tell you that. You’ll become a skilled martial artist. Okay, now you’ve narrowed down your list to all kickboxing programs. The acrobatics just knocks the rigid combat techniques off your list. What makes Capoeira stand out? Why is everyone clamoring for a Capoeira class?

It’s fun and social. In fact, it’s so much fun, you won’t believe you’re working out. Just watch the performers doing it and realize how much they’re enjoying it. You will move your entire body whilst playfully interacting with the Capoeira movements and fellow capoeiristas. You don’t have to be a gymnast or acrobat to get started. No one expects you to be doing cartwheels and handstands from the word go. You can walk-in right off the street, take a class. It’s also therapeutic. The complete body workout will develop your balance, coordination and awareness. Get a feel for the movements. Watching your actions in a mirror will just make you feel self conscious. You’ll also get to develop your own individual style as you progress. Bring your personality. The experienced capoeiristas will give you a hand.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You’ll always be part of the Capoeira family, whether it’s in your own academy, or you’re on a visit to a festival, seminar or event. Capoeira is a universal language that transcends all classes, beliefs, cultures, languages, races, sexes and ages. You’ll become more relaxed, confident and competitive. And you’ll be able to turn any situation into a celebration. With your new dance moves, you can even be the life of the party.

Prepare to get addicted. With Capoeira, once you start, you’ll never want to stop. All you’ll want is to be better with the moves. Losing weight is guaranteed. In fact, you’ll start thinking of Capoeira as your main goal, and weight loss as a welcome bonus.

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